I feel so so sooooooo bad. I’m literally the worst blogger ever.

The last months have been so hard for me, physically and psychologically. I’ve never thought trying to be good, healthy and ok with yourself and everything around you would take everything you got, it’s a tough process and a very long one but I want to do it, I wanna be ok! Also, university consumes my whole day, week, month, year!!!

I really, really will try to come back to the blog because it makes me good and I enjoy this but it’s really hard to find time to do it, PROMISE I’m gonna, at least, try.

Just wanted to update you guys, let you know I’m fine and trying to come back to writing!

All the love ♥

Nat xx


2 thoughts on “THE WORST BLOGGER

  1. I remember university as being a time when the clock rushed from hour to hour and I never had time to do anything but run form one thing to another. making time to just write a note home saying I was okay was almost impossible! You are doing so much better than i did. You are actually blogging. You just did a post so you can not argue about that! lol We will still be here whenever you have time to post and you are NOT the worst blogger ever.

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    1. Thank you so much darling! This kind of comments make me feel a lot better ♥ I hardly have any time for myself let alone to sit and write for the blog but knowing you all are so supportive it’s amazing. All the love ♥


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