“Sexy is the new black” those are the exact words from Vera Wang. When asked about her inspiration, she immediately burst out: “‘Belle de Jour…’ the film that (Yves) St Laurent did with Catherine Deneuve.”.

The collection included tiny black bandeaus and bra tops, short shorts, sky high heels, plenty of sexy shoulders, large coat or a sleeveless men’s jacket and a transparent skirt. Full of black with a pop of red, mesh and sheer elements, and a dose of gold sequins, with just a touch of mink in a mini-vest and spiky ostrich plumes on shorts, boy shirts and a halter-neck dress serving up those shoulders as cutouts did elsewhere.

Wang said backstage after the show that she drew inspiration from the duality of life, the pleasures of the imagination a bit of mystery.

“There is that side that’s very, um, not prim but controlled, and then there’s a side where you let go, you allow yourself to have a bit of fantasy in your life. So in a way it was a rift, not literally, of ‘Belle de Jour,’ the movie.”

“How am I doing? Better now that no one tripped,” Wang smiled. “I wanted them to feel sexy.” “I could still go to the other side … with extremely modern eveningwear,” worn with little undershirts and bra tops.

“There’s always that tension between everything in the show that went from boyish to girl, back to boyish, because I love that mix,” she said.

With Kylie Jenner on her front row, Wang considered the Kardashian-Jenner family influence on fashion today.

“They’re celebrities but at the same time they not just embrace, they adore fashion,” she said, “and I think that has had a very big influence on people.”

“It’s a little Las Vegas,” she finished.

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